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20 Ways to Make Your Wife Feel Special

When you have a good wife, you have a good home. Happy life is all about knowing how to make your wife feel special. It isn’t in the grand, but the small gestures, that make us feel good.

Okay, I am going to let you in on a little secret. I get you. Yep, I am a woman and a wife, and I totally understand the rock and a hard place that you frequently find yourself in. And now matter how hard you try, sometimes knowing how to make your wife feel special backfires.

Wives are, well, temperamental. What we say we want and what we sometimes want can be the exact opposite, which has husbands spinning their wheels and never feeling like they can do anything right.

How to make your wife feel special

I am also going to let you in on another little secret. Your wife wants one thing, although it seems the opposite. She wants you to love her unconditionally, be happy, and make a happy home.

If you look for a way either to turn her sullen mood around or to show her gratitude for all that she does for you, there are many simple ways to make your wife feel special that doesn’t involve much punishment on your part at all.

20 Ways to Make Your Wife Feel Special

1. Buy her something random just to let her know that you thought of her.

It doesn’t have to be anything big, just something that says you are on my mind and special to me.

2. Send her a text message with something loving.

Get her revved up for an amazing night of making her body feel special.

3. Skip guys night and choose her this time.

Women, once in a while, like to feel like the priority.

If Thursday nights are usually reserved for guys only, tell her that you are foregoing the guys and hanging with her.

4. Instead of getting yourself something you’ve wanted, save up to get her something she’s dreamed of.

If you use your money saved to spend on her, it tells her you put her ahead of your own wants, and that is a pretty powerful way of making her feel special.

5. Finish that stupid project you promised her a long time ago.

If she hasn’t said a word about the mess you made, but it inconveniences her, take the time just to finish the do-it-yourself project you started and give her some peace of mind. It makes her feel like she’s something special to you.

6. If it is raining, drop her off in front.

Instead of parking and letting her get all wet on the way to the door, let her off in front and take one for the team.

7. Empty the dishwasher.

Those little things let us know that you get how mundane our lives feel. It makes us feel more special.

8. Show up at work to take her to lunch.

Show everyone at her workplace that her husband thinks the world of her by showing up for lunch with flowers in hand. What an amazing way to make her feel special!

9. Take the kids to the store early and bring her breakfast in bed.

Make a big deal out of her and get the kids involved.

10. Listen to her, like really listen to her.

Put your phone down and listen, that makes us feel special and worthwhile.

11. Brag on her in a group.

Tell everyone in the group about all the amazing things she accomplished lately. She’ll act embarrassed but love every minute of it.

12. Hold her hand.

Let her know she is special and protected by holding her hand for no reason at all. Making contact out of the blue lets us know we are still special to our husbands.

13. Get her car detailed.

Women don’t like to drive around in kid’s filth, but with very little time, we end up doing it. Make her feel special by giving her a clean new ride, even if for just one day.

14. Do something without being asked.

Take out the trash, get the oil changed, or just pick up your socks. That makes her feel like you get it and care how special she is to you.

15. Give her the night off.

Let her go out with her friends and have a night on the town. Getting dressed up makes every woman feel special.

16. Buy her a new dress.

Buy a sexy dress to let her know how sexy you think she is!

17. Tell her you love her, and that if you did it all again you would choose her.

Just saying “I love you” is enough to make someone feel special.

18. Let her be right once in a while without an argument.

Stop arguing and just realize it is more important to be happy than right. She feels special that she didn’t have to beat something into your head.

19. Recognize something mundane she’s done.

A woman’s work is never done, nor is it ever recognized. Be that person who makes her feel special for doing nothing special at all, but what she does.

20. Do little things.

Add a little extra to the account just for her or order her something online to show up at the door.

Knowing how to make your wife feel special isn’t about the big things, but is found in the smaller things you do. Sure, buying her a new car is super awesome, don’t get me wrong. But, sometimes just recognizing and telling someone “good job” is enough to make her feel like she is worthwhile and the light of your life.

But, if you do small things on a daily basis and learn to give without expectations, you will understand how to make your wife feel special, and she’ll really appreciate you for who you are.

Now that you have read on how to make your wife feel special, drop a comment and let us know more you require. African Dating Tips will attend to you.



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