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5 Working Tips to Maintain a Healthy platonic Relationship

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Platonic relationships are not easy to maintain. It takes effort and willpower in maintaining a healthy platonic relationship. A happy platonic relationship can be fulfilling and fun, and can create a perfect friendship that can stand the test of time.

But there’s a big problem, because you have several obstacles to cross before you get to the part where both can be comfortable in each other’s company without letting sex get in the way.

Platonic Relationship

Tips in Maintaining a Healthy platonic Relationship

Tips to Maintain a Healthy Platonic Relationship

In making a platonic relationship work, you will learn other valuable lessons about the other sex which will help you in your dating life or marriage.

Here are some of the valuable tips to have in mind when maintaining a healthy platonic relationship.

#1 Avoid Too Much Physical Intimacy.
One important things you should avoid, especially at the start of a platonic relationship, is cuddling with the opposite sex. Physical intimacy can lead to sexual tension which always makes things awkward, so avoid it.

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