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5 Working Tips to Maintain a Healthy platonic Relationship

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#3 Kill Addiction.

Don’t get too addicted to each other. Have more friends of the opposite sex so you know how to handle yourself. Sometimes, it’s easy to get confused over your emotions if your relationship with your best friend is one of a kind to you.

#4 Talk More of Your Partner.

Talk about your crushes and your partner. A lot. If your platonic friend considers you as just a friend, they’d be more than happy to spend hours plotting ways to make your romantic life more interesting.

#5 Be Open With Your Partner About the Friendship.

It’s important to be up-front with your partner about your platonic relationship. Tell your boyfriend or girlfriend (or spouse) about the times you talk to your friend or schedule time together. Never compare your partner to your friend or share secrets of your relationship with your friend.

Follow this guide properly and it will help you in maintaining a healthy platonic relationship, and help to avoid temptations.

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