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8 Simple Ways On How To Get Back Your Ex-Girlfriend

Maybe you screwed up big time. This happens, but now you’re facing the consequences. Do you want to get her back? Here’s how to get back your ex-girlfriend.

We all have different types of exes in our lives. The ones we wish we never had affair with, the ones that we weren’t really into, and then the ones that got away maybe due to our mistakes. Those are the ex girlfriends that we constantly creep on social media, we want us to stand still, sharing the moments we see from afar. And it’s about how to get back your ex-girlfriend.

And who knows, maybe you cheated, maybe you said some things during a fight or an argument that you shouldn’t have. The point is, you’re now single. But you realized you screwed up and now you want her back.

How To Get Back Your Ex-Girlfriend

8 Simple Ways On How To Get Back Your Ex-Girlfriend

You’re probably thinking that you can just message her and she’ll come back to you with open arms. I don’t think so. If she’s the one who got away, it’s going to take more work than that. I know, the chick flicks tell you differently, that you can just smile and you’ll have her back.

It’s not going to happen like that, sorry to break it to you. But if she’s the one that got away, you’re an idiot for letting her go, so you put some work into it. It’s not going to be easy, but it’s possible.

#1. Why did she dump you? You need to recall what went wrong. Trust me, she told you, probably so many times, but you didn’t listen. So, go back to your memory and try to remember why you’ve always fought. That’s why you’re single. Find out what the reason was and just stop doing it. If you really want her back, you must compromise.

#2. Give her space. Do not contact her desperately after she has separated. You need to give her the space she needs. If she left you, there is a reason. Now she is more likely to be mentally drained and exhausted, so leave her, she needs to recharge her batteries.

#3. Up your game. You want your ex girlfriend back? Show her you’ve changed. But don’t change for her, change for yourself. If you do this only for her, this won’t last. It has to be something you really want to do for you.

If you’re unhealthy, clean up your diet and start working out. If you’re a workaholic, cut your hours at the office. You need to become the best version of yourself now that you want her back.

#4. Don’t shower her with gifts. You can buy her something if you’d like, but you have to know that jewelery ain’t going to cut it. She didn’t break up with you because you didn’t buy her a bracelet. She broke up with you for serious reasons.

Maybe you’re lazy or unhealthy or negative, these are real reasons. If you come to her door with a handful of gifts, sure, she’ll take them, but that doesn’t mean she’s going to be with you. She wants real results.

#5. Start with friendship. So, after you stop contacting her, start again slowly. But, give your time between the break up and now without any contact. At least four weeks minimum. I know you want a relationship with her, but now you have to start from the first place. Show her that you want to be her partner again.

#6. Write her a letter. It’s a great way to say everything you want to say. Plus, it’s therapeutic for you. It also stands out, rather than a text or email. In your letter, talk about how you accept what happened, apologize for your behavior, and mention how your life is turning into something positive and exciting.

#7. Don’t talk about getting back together. We all know why you talk to her again, you want her. She knows it too, so it’s not necessary to tell her. Do not report false notes that says “I miss you” or “I’d like to be together”.

Leave everything that is negative, sappy or desperate out of  your conversation. Your conversations should be positive and focused on common sense. Mention positive memories of them, something exciting that has happened in your life recently, or something funny.

#8. Ask her out. Don’t call it a date. Ask them out for coffee or a walk, but don’t make it a date. She’ll get her guard up and this isn’t what you want. If she doesn’t want to, don’t push her, just let her be. She’ll go for a coffee with you if she feels it’s right. If she goes for coffee with you, don’t talk about your relationship.

Now that you know how to get back your ex-girlfriend, what are you waiting for? It’s time to be brave and get what you want.

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