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Reasons Why You Should Marry Him

Marriage is one of the most important considerations you will ever make. The man you marry will determine the trajectory of the rest of your life and the lives of your children.

It is, therefore, critical to truly assess the man you’re with and determine how good your chances are at making a relationship last forever.

This requires a lot of introspection, but there are some basic signs you can consider today in order to begin your internal search.

Listed below are four (4) things that can help you determine if he’s worthy to be married.

why you should marry him

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4 Important Signs Why You Should Marry Him

  • 1. You Share Core Beliefs

Everyone abides by a set of core beliefs. They can be formed through religious, cultural, political, and societal values. Of course, because we are all unique, none of us is exactly alike in this regard.

Nevertheless, most of the people we fraternize withhold many of the same beliefs that we do. That’s because we are naturally attracted to people like us.

The same should hold true for the man you are considering marrying. Not only will you be sharing your entire life with him, you will also be raising a family together.

That’s not to say that if you’re a conservative and he’s a liberal it won’t work, but rather that if you don’t have the same passions and desires in life, you could eventually begin to break away.

You should assess your own values and decide if his align with yours. In most cases, if you have been with a man long enough to be at this point, you will find that you do share many beliefs, and if you do, then marry him.

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  • 2. You Trust Him

In relationships, trust takes many forms. When you are building a life with another individual, you are putting your faith in him that he will do the right thing for you, for himself, and for your future family.

The first element of trust that you should consider is whether you have the confidence that he won’t cheat on you It’s an unfortunate problem that both men and women face today, but it is the absolute minimum expectation of him that you should have.

Second, you should feel a high level of safety around him. A man is not only there to protect you, he’s also someone who you should be able to tell anything without him making judgement or making you feel bad about yourself.

Finally, it’s important to trust that your partner will be there for you in good times and in bad. Marriage is a lifelong commitment, and if you have any doubts that your relationship will last, it’s a good idea to at least confront and consider those feelings, if proven there is trust, its worthy to marry him.

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  • 3. You Resolve Problems

Relationships are defined by how a couple deals with their problems together. Most couples fight about small things, but it’s how these issues get resolved that separates the men who are worth marrying from those who are not.

It goes without saying that a violent relationship is a nonstarter. If your arguments are defined by shouting and other harmful behavior, it’s not a good indication for where things might go. The same holds true for couples who ignore issues or even one another.

If, however, you are able to calmly resolve things in a civil manner and by speaking and listening, you already have the tools for problem resolution that will be even more important when/if real issues arise in the future.

Healthy problem-solving ability is not innate, so if you struggle with this issue, there are ways to work on it together.

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  • 4. You Enjoy His Company

Finally, the man you are considering marrying should be someone who you love being around and enjoy in all regards. This is basically the stuff you sorted out while you were in the dating process, but it’s good to take a moment to remember how you came to this point to begin with.

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Does he make you laugh? Do you miss him when he’s not around? Can you imagine the best moments in your life without him?

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