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You want her back? 15 Ways to Make a Woman Miss You

It’s not easy to let go someone you really love, but If you want her back, try these 15 things to make a woman miss you.

If we can be honest, woman are not always easy to live with. They can be confrontational, emotional, and downright irrational, all not-so-great traits. But, they can also be kind, comforting, and all the things we want. The problem is that often we don’t see or want what we have until we no longer have it. If you want to win her back, you need to make a woman miss you!

15 ways to make a woman miss you

If you think you made a mistake by letting the love of your life walk out of your life, these 15 things will make her miss you again. Perhaps, granting you another chance at what you had together.

15 Ways to Make a Woman Miss You

1. Say you are sorry.

If you have tried everything to convince her why she should come back, make sure among those things are the words, “I am sorry.” That doesn’t mean alluding to the fact that “maybe” you were wrong. That means taking responsibility to flat out say “I was wrong” and “I am sorry”.

2. Think about what really made her smile.

If there was a face you made when you were together that would make her laugh every time, take a picture and send it to her. If enough time has passed for her not to be angry at you anymore, it may be the thing that makes her find you charming again.

3. Send her something.

By this I do not mean send her flowers. Sure, flowers are okay, but think about that thing she always loved and was something special and specific to her. If you know she loves blue jays, find something with a blue jay on it and send it to her.

More than just going online and ordering your standard bouquet, finding that special thing that is all her, shows her you listened all those times she thought you weren’t.

4. Stop blowing up her phone.

If you still reach out to her, and you aren’t getting the response you want, cut it out. Your overreaching only further drives her away. Instead of trying to chase her back, let her chase you. When you stop communicating, she will wonder why and begin to think maybe she is missing out on something.

5. Focus on work.

Nothing makes her miss you more than seeing you excel without her. If you have been a little lackluster or unmotivated in getting yourself to a better place financially, now is the time to ramp it up, and really make something of yourself. When you do get her back, you want to have the maturity and the means to keep her for good.

6. Don’t pick up the phone.

If you are still on good terms, and she comes and goes as she pleases in your relationship and communication, the next time she picks up the phone to call, don’t be available. A fine line, you don’t want to make her mad by cutting her off completely, that can make her go the other way. Just be “busy” and unavailable to her to make her miss you being there.

7. Don’t be her emergency call.

If you are still her emergency contact, meaning when things get rough you are always there, stop being that person. You owe her no obligation and, as much as you want her to miss you, having her cake and eating it too by doing for her all the time, makes her lose respect for you. The next time she is in a crisis, don’t be her knight in shining armor.

8. If you weren’t there, be there.

Try being her friend if she is going through a rough time. No one knows her the way that you do and the way to get her to miss you is by being sensitive and stepping in just to ask how she is doing. Don’t beg her back, or tell her how much you miss her, simply send her a quick note just telling her you hope she is doing okay and then don’t do it again. It puts you back in her mind and leaves the ball in her court.

9. Don’t be around.

If you are always at the same bar on Friday, don’t be there. Instead of always trying to bump accidentally into her, make sure you don’t see her for weeks. I know sometimes being allusive seems like the exact opposite of what you should do, but it may be the very thing that she needs. Absence really does make the heart grow fonder!

10. Unfriend her.

If you unfriend her, she won’t be able to see what you are up to, and that may make her feel out of control. Don’t unfriend her in a “screw you” kind of way. Simply send her a message saying it is painful to stay in contact and not see her for real, and then unfriend her. She likely won’t believe you have the courage to cut her out. Show her that if this is what she wants, you won’t be hanging around. That will make her miss you.

11. Return her things.

If there are things you hold onto thinking they are leverage, they aren’t. If she wants to let you back into her life, she is going to, but she can’t be coerced. In fact, holding onto her things pushes her away. Pack up her belongings and leave them for her with a little note telling her she deserves her things and that you miss her.

That makes her miss you for sure. Not only are you moving on, but you also force her to feel what it’s like to do the same on her end.

12. Start dating someone else.

I am not suggesting you play with the emotions of another woman, but starting to “hang out” with someone else might make her jealous. Seeing you having fun with another girl brings back the memories of the things she used to find irresistible in you.

Be careful and follow these rules. Don’t date someone who was already an issue in your relationship *like that co-worker she was always jealous of or one of her friends*. That will make her angry instead of missing you for sure.

13. Insert yourself.

If you know she will be somewhere unpredictable, insert yourself into the situation so that you are foremost in her mind. Likely, if you broke up, she is trying her hardest to forget you, so make sure that she can’t!

14. Take care of her least favorite chore.

If you know she hates to cut the lawn, sneak over and cut it for her. Remind her the two of you worked well as a team by taking something off of her plate. When you were together you did things she missed when you weren’t around anymore. Remind her of what those things were.

15. Get in shape.

If you put on a couple of extra pounds, you may not be that spry hottie that she dreamed about. What better way to make her miss you than to be hotter than you were when you met. Dropping those additional pounds brings back memories of when you two were good. It also makes you a lot happier.

If the object of your love has walked out of your life, and you want her to miss you and come back, figure out what made her leave, what you are doing that isn’t working. Then work to do the opposite.

Have you tried this 15 Ways to Make a Woman Miss You and it didn’t work for you? Drop a comment, African Dating Tips will attend to you.


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